Game Portfolio

Break the Ice

This game was created for the ue4 Winter Jam 2018. The theme of the jam was “On Thin Ice“.  With that in mind, I created a competitive 2-Player game built around this idea.  My goal for this game was to create a fun experience that had a high level of polish.

I did all of the programming for this game using Blueprints.  The biggest hurdle in this game was figuring out how to navigate the tiles, both for the selection ability, as well as applying area damage to the tiles near the destroyed one.  The solution was to place these into an array and use math to check for the 4 possible cases.  Objects and characters were molded in 3DSmax.  Materials were created in Unreal.  Text was designed in photoshop.


This is an Art Game created for a class. This game was shown at a pop-up exhibit at CalTech.  The game explores the evolution of game, going from 2D sprites on console, to low poly on computer, to highpoly, to AR to VR.  Programming was done with Unreal and Unity.  I created all aspects of the game with the exception of 3 3D character models and animations which came from Mixamo and Deviant Art.

Light ‘Em Up

This game was created for the Unreal MegaJam 2017. As a solo developer, I created all aspects of the game. The theme for this game was “However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light“.

With the theme in mind, I created a tower defense game set in the vastness of space, where the goal is to defend the light supply ship. This can be done by using “light” as your currency to place turrets to shoot enemy ships or place mines on small asteroids to increase the rate of your supply.

I created this game using Unreal Engine 4.16, 3DsMax, Photoshop, and Spacescape. The music was generated by AmperMusic.

What Doesn’t Kill

This game was created for the Unreal Summer Game Jam 2017.  In this game based on the theme of “Blessing in Disguise“, what doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger.  The player must balance damaging themselves to gain strength with staying alive.

This game was created in the Unreal Engine.  As a solo designer on this project, I provided the concept, programming, art, aspects of the level design, and music.


Global Game Jam 2018 – Pippy


The theme for this game jam was “transmission”.  My team came up with the idea of a bat that navigates using sonar.  For this game, I helped implement the collisions, the particle system that we used to create the sonar effect, as well as general programming.  This game was created in Unity.

Global Game Jam 2017 – Bullfrog Bound

The theme for this game jam was “waves“.  This could be interpreted in a number of ways.  My team chose to use waves both literally and structurally.  Not only does the frog have to avoid the waves in the game, but those waves are generated by use of a sine wave.  The game was constructed with the use of Blueprint in Unreal Engine and the art was created in Photoshop CC 2017.


Space Invaders Clone

Created as a class assignment, this game was made in Visual Studio using C#.  This game implements 15 game design patterns.  While not a fully featured direct clone of the original, it did meet all of the assignment requirements.



Created with Photoshop CC
Concept HearthStone Card