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Previously on Bus Blogging – Been Awhile


Most of the time when I walk around my neighborhood, it’s to head to the bus. Occasionally I go out to eat with my guy, but not often. Whenever I walk down the street, I have my blinders on. My sunglasses are big, and help me not feel like I have to make eye contact with random strangers. I often do if I’m not hiding. I smile. Sometimes I feel pressured to say ‘hi’ when I’ve never seen that person before, and likely, will never see them again. As someone with social anxiety, I often don’t know what is exactly correct to do. I’m so awkward.  

**side note** a man just tried to get on the bus without paying. The driver wouldn’t let it slide. I considered for a moment paying his fare, but I’m pretty poor myself. Turns out he had it. Real time blogging lol.


When I go out, I also have my headphones in. Not only to entertain myself, but to better ignore the solicitors and beggars. There’s honestly been time when I didn’t hand enough battery to play anything, but kept my earbuds in to detour people from trying to talk to me.

All of this creates a little bubble for me. It’s almost as if I sleep or go to another world between destinations.

Occasionally, I snap out of it. And I think that’s best. Today as I walked to the bus stop, I noticed someone taking a picture of the sky. I looked. There were over a hundred birds of some sort circling, creating this giant pilar of motion. I don’t know what they were doing, most of it was hidden behind a tall building, but it was neat.

It also reminded me that I really like tall buildings. I live in a neighborhood full of them, but I forget to appreciate it. My neighborhood is actually really cool. A little dirty, a lot of homeless, and I’ve witnessed both a shooting and a stabbing, but people come from all over the world to visit it. I live on the walk of fame. Or, at least I do til the end if next month. Our lease is up, and the building is remodeling it, so they’re not renewing. It’ll be good to go somewhere less expensive. And, as I said, I don’t exactly utilize the area.

But today, on my walk, I decided to remember to enjoy it. To be grateful that I had the opportunity to live in such a place.

Below is a pic I took today along my travels to the bus stop. Enjoy. I know I did.


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