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Last Week’s MM: Off to Be the Wizard

Occasionally my fella will suggest that we watch some Anime.  While I’ll admit to watching far too many cartoons than an adult should, I’ve never really been into anime.  But, there’s some good stuff out there. 

We started with a classic – Cowboy Bebop
I really enjoyed this one.  It was a space western, in anime style.  Good story lines and interesting.

He showed me a couple movies.  Those where less intriguing.  Something about a moving castle, and maybe there was one about a witch?  I don’t quite remember.

Then Space Dandy premiered, and that show is a lot of fun.  It’s made by the Cowboy Bebop people I believe.  It took me a couple episodes to get it, but it was fun trying to figure the show out, and still a great show once I did.

We just finished watching Gundam Wing.  Again, I found this show a bit confusing.  Some of the relationships and personalities seemed strange, and I was never quiet sure who I was supposed to be rooting for.

And that’s why I mention it.  I think that the show did a great job of humanizing the villains, and vilifying the heroes.  There wasn’t much black and white, cut and dry answers.  The good guys killed people and, in a way, wanted to die themselves.  The bad guys had love and loyalty.  And they all wanted world peace in their own ways.

I think that it’s good character development when a story can make a viewer/reader say “oh no,” when someone gets shot and then immediately think “wait, she killed that girl’s father in cold blood.  Should I feel bad for her?”  And you do.