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Last Week’s WW: Making A Schedule

Here’s the way it seems to go:

-Yes!  I’ve got an idea.
-Why won’t this idea come together and make a story?
-Oh, oh, wait, there it is.  Now I know what’ll happen in my story.
-I’m going to type like the wind.  This is the best idea ever!
-I’m the worst writer ever!  No one will ever read my stories, and maybe that’s for the best because if they did they’d punch me in the face.
-I need to just put this away for awhile.
-*Reading* okay, this isn’t so bad.  I can work with this.
-*stares blankly at screen* need to clear my head, let’s play video games or watch tv.
-Why won’t the words come?
-Oh, there they are.
-Soon everyone will see my genius!
-I literally shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard.  Seriously, someone is going to put a restraining order against me writing ever again.  And they’d be right to do so.
-Am I really going to let someone read this?
-They liked it!
-Why don’t more people like/buy it?
-Hey, I’ve got a new idea for a story.  I’m the best writer ever!


For many writers, this is how it goes.  I’m in a valley right now.  But I hope and know that soon I’ll be back on the upswing.  And I know that most writers ping pong between manic highs and self-loathing lows.

But the peaks are worth every valley.  Keep at it and work through it.