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Last Week’s FFF: Grown



This week’s prompt comes from Jonathan Dayton on the Terrible Minds Blog

Standing on the hill overlooking the warlord’s capital city, my hand rattled on the hilt of my sword as I felt feeble against the army of hill giants guarding the gates.

I let out a warrior’s roar as I unsheathed my blade.   I summoned all of my courage and ran at full speed, down the hill, and into the thick of the giants.  

They fumbled with hands too large, trying to smash me or pick me up, and failing at every attempt.  Those who got close found my steel slice into their flesh.  Their thick skin flayed open like a fish being cleaned.  Large chunks of skin and flesh fell to the ground as they recoiled in pain.  Blood drops big as hail stones fell to the ground.

I stealthily avoided the falling crimson.  I whipped left, then right, dodging blood and bodies as they continued to try and block my way.

Injured and angry, the giants became irritated and began to turn on each other.  Furious fists slammed into boulder heads, creating a sound like thunder.   As they fought, I slipped past, and made my way to the gate.

The golden gates of the capital city stood twenty stories tall, and were locked with a powerful magic.  From my inventory, I removed a bag of bones, a vial of gremlin tears, and a sprinkling of sparkly fairy dust.

I poured the tears over the bones, said the incantation, and blew the dust into the gates.

They groaned open.  A brilliant light previously unseen poured from the opening.  It was almost blinding, but my eyes adjusted quickly.  I ran inside, carefully keeping an eye out for any sign of danger.

I returned my sword to its home to move with greater ease, but kept my hands at the ready to pull it if necessary.

The first such danger struck just inside the city’s walls.  A misplaced foot triggered a barrage of spears.  They flew at me, missing by millimeters.

The city was oddly devoid of people.  It was unsettling to see such a large place so empty.  I stayed on edge.

The next problem I faced was a puzzle.  I had to strategically place a series of decorative market items in order to open the door to the warlord’s castle.

I entered the castle and made my way to the throne room.  There he was, the man I was here to kill.  I drew my weapon once more and crept towards his seat.

I heard a strange, unnatural sound behind me.  I drew my sword and turned, just in time to see the barrel of a gun.  It boomed and flash, and a moment later my head exploded.


In my apartment, I pulled my visor from my head and yelled into my microphone.

“You cheater!  There’s no guns in this game!”

“There’s whatever I want in this game.  My castle, my rules,” the voice on the other end said.

“I had you, man.”

“In your dreams you had me.  Want to go again?”

“Yeah.  Now that I know artillery is allowed, I might have to pack a different bag.”

I stood on the hill, overlooking the giants that guarded the warlord’s captoal city.  I pulled my T68 assault riffle and confidently ran towards the giants.