Last Week’s FFF: Tales From Black Friday


Twas a month before Christmas, and all through the mall,
I’d hear Christmas songs. Oh, god, I heard them all!
They played and they jingled and got in my head,
Going crazy was something I was beginning to dread.
I couldn’t escape the merry sounds of the season,
But it wasn’t even December, please, have some reason!
I begged and I pleaded, but they wouldn’t take heed,
For the music was essential, something they need.
They knew it was too early, but the mall didn’t care.
They’d do whatever they had to in order to get people there.
The music, the decor, it was all part of a scheme.
It wasn’t as innocent as it would seem.
They could make people forget the true reason,
Of why we celebrate the holiday season.
Be their origins Pagan, Christian, or a family together,
The mall thought they were smart, and that they knew better.
Money was the goal. It was all about profit.
And it didn’t matter to them how they got it.
If they could con people into spending more,
Then they would go for it, for sure.
They didn’t care about the greed or corruption,
The stresses of gift giving or the life disruption.
They didn’t mind if their employees went insane.
They could always find new ones. That was their game.
But despite the pain, quitting wasn’t an option.
After all, it was Christmas, and I needed my shopping.